Graffiti is a common problem and its impact on the community varies. Single incidents of graffiti may not seem serious but it has a cumulative impact on an area as it attracts more graffiti. Graffiti maintains a stigma; it impacts property socially and economically and can lead to a negative perception by people who visit the area.

    We understand this, which is why we provide a fast and effective graffiti removal service. Using the correct chemical and cleaning methods, we can safely remove all graffiti in a short time; restoring your property back to its original condition. For some of our clients, graffiti is a recurring problem and one that needs to be tackled swiftly so we offer a graffiti removal contact to provide graffiti removal in 24 hours.

    Our company is fully insured and we cover all areas of Greater Manchester and the Northwest for graffiti removal and all of the UK for larger contracts. Unlike other cleaning companies, all our vans are fitted with mounted hot water pressure systems and water tanks; meaning we use our own generator and water.

    If you’re struggling with the removal of graffiti in public areas, then call in the experts at Blast Away for an efficient graffiti removal services.


    Our graffiti removal service aims to quickly and efficiently removal all and any graffiti problems which may be damaging your businesses or local areas reputation.

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