• Patio Cleaning Services

    The patio is one of the most important areas of a home, because it's everyone's first impression, and sets expectations for the rest of your home. If your patio needs some help to look its best, Pressure Washing Durham is here for you. They can bring your patio up to your standards and ensure that it looks great.

    Why You Should Clean Your Patio

    Your patio is exposed to the elements, and rain, wind, and even sun all take their toll. If you neglect to clean it, or hire a company that doesn't do a great job, then your patio will present an unkempt, dingy face to visitors, and that's not the face you want to present.

    Most patios are made of stone, wood or even concrete. These materials need regular cleaning so that they can sparkle and restore their natural style. However, if your patio has any vegetation or grass, the same cleaners that make your patio shine can hurt your plants. Pressure Washing Durham makes sure that your vegetation is protected from harm so that everything looks its best when your patio cleaning is completed.

    How We Clean the Patio

      1. We remove any loose dirt and rubbish materials by sweeping down the whole area with a broom. This is important because once the area is wet, all the dirty material will stick to the surface.
      2. If your patio has any vegetation or plants, we use a hosepipe to pour water. That ensures that in case soapy water gets to them, it will just slide off. However, as an extra precaution, we cover the plants with a light plastic, especially the sensitive plants.
      3. We then deal with any stains patio surface. This is done in different ways based on the material that the patio is made of. We have different washing formulas and equipment to suit any kind of patio. Our materials are safe for human use and they don’t cause any environmental harm.
      4. Once we've removed any stains, we thoroughly rinse the area to get rid of the cleaning materials.
      5. We then pressure wash the entire area with a deep clean setting.
      6. After this, we rinse off all the dirt on the patio and make sure that it looks sparkling clean.
      7. Most people ignore the dirt that splashes up onto other areas after washing the patio; however, we ensure that we rinse off any dirt that may be left on the windows and doors after the pressure washing. 

    We provide friendly and professional services at an affordable and fair price. Our customer service is first-rate and we treat all our clients with respect.