• Roof Cleaning & Restoration

    If your roof is covered in moss and algae, call in the experts at Blast Away. They can handle all aspects of roof cleaning and restoration, so they're your best bet if you're worried about possible damage.

    Roofs take a beating, and they're likely to gather unsightly moss, algae, lichen and general dirt and grime from airborne pollution. Our roof cleaning service uses a soft pressure washing system to clean away all the dirt, restoring your roof's natural look without damaging anything. We also offer repair services: we can replace broken tiles and handle the repointing of ridges and coating of the full roof.

    Pressure washing can be particularly tricky with roofs because high pressure used incorrectly can damage roofing materials. We use soft pressure washing techniques to avoid any damage to your roof tiles. Our experts are familiar with a variety of roofing materials and know the proper processes and equipment to use to avoid damage. That's the benefit of hiring a professional pressure washing service: you'll know that you're getting the best clean without any unforeseen issues.